Pandemic recovery should focus on green economy

  • 5/14/2020
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Pulling out measures to prevent global warming will come at a high cost. The UN Secretary-General warned about this in his video message to the participants of the St. Petersburg climate talks that took place in Berlin. The head of the UN suggested that after the pandemic, within the framework of restoration measures, focus on the development of the green economy and rely on multilateral cooperation, reports NIAT Khovar with reference to the UN News Service.

“COVID -19 disrupted the lives of billions of people around the world, inflicted severe suffering on people and destabilized the global economy. The current crisis has highlighted the fragility of economies in the face of upheavals, has exposed deep inequality that undermines the possibility of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, ”said the UN Secretary-General. Combating global warming requires the same political leadership as combating a pandemic.

He is confident that the fight against coronavirus requires a bold, visionary leadership based on collaboration. The same leadership is needed to counter the “impending mortal threat of climate change.” In this context, he recalled that last year was the second hottest in history, and the past decade - the hottest in the history of mankind.

“Delay in the fight against climate change will result in loss of life, depletion of livelihoods and damage to business and the economy,” the UN head emphasized. According to him, inaction causes the greatest damage.

“We must urgently take measures to promote sustainable development and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in order to prevent global temperatures from rising by more than 1.5 degrees Celsius,” said the head of the UN. He added that today mankind has all the necessary technologies at its disposal to combat global warming, there is public support, including for youth. Many cities and enterprises joined the fight.

“But we still lack the necessary political will. That’s why I advocate more decisive steps aimed at mitigating the effects of climate change, the necessary adaptation, and increased funding, ”emphasized the Secretary-General. In terms of mitigating climate change, the UN head again called on all countries to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. Speaking about adaptation, the Secretary-General recommended supporting countries that have the least responsibility for climate change but suffer the most from it.

“And for this, adequate funding is needed, it is necessary to raise the promised $ 100 billion a year for mitigation and adaptation measures in developing countries,” said the Secretary-General.

Pandemic recovery should focus on green economy

Speaking about the upcoming recovery from the coronavirus pandemic, the Secretary-General said that humanity had a great opportunity to choose a more sustainable path of development, step-up solutions to climate change, protect the environment, prevent the loss of biodiversity and ensure the health and safety of mankind.

Let's take advantage of the end of the pandemic to build a healthy, inclusive and safer world for all

Six initiatives

The Secretary-General proposed six climate change-related initiatives that will contribute to post-crisis recovery:

1. To envisage the creation of new “green” jobs and enterprises in the transition period and invest in the decarbonization of all aspects of our economy.

2. Use taxpayer money to help enterprises that are focused on creating new jobs and sustainable development

3. Achieve a transition from a gray to a green economy

4. Direct public investment in sectors and projects that ensure sustainable development, contribute to the protection of the environment and the fight against climate change. Stop subsidizing fossil fuel-focused industries.

5. Take into account the risks and opportunities associated with climate change in the global financial system.

6. Combine the efforts of the international community to resolve both emergencies [pandemics and climate change]

Plan outlined

Noting that greenhouse gases, like coronavirus, do not recognize borders, he emphasized that "isolation of countries is a trap" and added that "no country can succeed alone."

“We already have a common framework of action - the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change,” the Secretary-General recalled.

The head of the UN called on all countries to prepare detailed national climate action plans and strategies to achieve zero emissions by 2050. Some countries, including Chile, have already submitted such plans, and another 114 countries, as the Secretary-General said, have announced that they will do so soon. 121 countries pledged to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

“I urge the European Union to continue to demonstrate world leadership by presenting by the end of the year its contributions distributed across countries in accordance with its commitment to become the first climate-neutral continent by 2050,” the Secretary-General urged.

The head of the UN emphasized that today mankind is going through hard times, but hope has not died out. "Its said that the darkest thing is before dawn,” he said. He urged to seize the opportunity and "rebuild the world."

“Let's take advantage of the end of the pandemic to build a healthy, inclusive, and safer world for all,” the Secretary-General urged.

TOP PHOTO: workers are installing solar panels on the roof of a building in Rajaf, South Sudan. UNDP Photo


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