All categories

Hotels and Restaurants 6 Companies

Construction, finishing work, engineering and design 32 Companies

Military industry 0 Companies

Tobacco and alcohol 0 Companies

Textiles, clothes and shoes 19 Companies

Science and education 4 Companies

Personal protective equipment 0 Companies

Healthcare, aesthetic medicine, cosmetology, and pharmaceuticals 20 Companies

Jewelry, accessories and luxury goods 1 Company

Public utilities 1 Company

Logistics, transport and transport infrastructure 20 Companies

Translation services and linguistic support 5 Companies

Spare parts and instruments/tools 2 Companies

Associations, groups, conglomerates, etc. 12 Companies

Household goods 5 Companies

IT Services and Products 21 Company

Design, fashion 4 Companies

Fish farming 1 Company

Energetics 13 Companies

Stationery 1 Company

Sanitary Services 0 Companies

Electrical, electronic, household computer equipment 17 Companies

Equipment and services for automation of private, commercial and industrial facilities 7 Companies

Aerospace production and services 1 Company

Printing and Publishing 3 Companies

Zoo and pet shops 0 Companies

Metals And Mining 8 Companies

Oil, Gas and fuel oil 8 Companies

Livestock 11 Companies

Warehouses and storage system 0 Companies

Auditing, Accounting, Consulting and Legal services 18 Companies

Mechanical engineering 9 Companies

Non-profit, charitable organizations and foundations 3 Companies

Poultry farming 3 Companies

Entertainment and art 2 Companies

Furniture and crockery 10 Companies

Raw materials 3 Companies

Government services 1 Company

Hygiene products and cosmetics 7 Companies

Organization of events 0 Companies

Processing industry 12 Companies

Real estate 5 Companies

Media, marketing, advertising and telecommunication services 13 Companies

Industrial chemicals 5 Companies

Plant growing 8 Companies

Beekeeping 2 Companies

Sports and sporting goods 4 Companies

Souvenirs and folk craft 5 Companies

Feed production 1 Company

Finance, investment and insurance 36 Companies

Trading companies and distributors 6 Companies

Foodstuffs 53 Companies

Construction Materials and machinery 30 Companies

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