LLC Teknikeller

Our company produces lump sugar production equipment, sugar stick packaging, lump sugar wrapping, toilet paper production equipment and paper tents. We are located in Ankara, Turkey and have more than 20 years experience.

"MasloTorg" LLC

Our company produces a feed additive for ruminants rich in protein and fiber, which allows you to quickly and cheaply balance the diet for protein, save 30% of the cost of feed, while not losing milk yield and weight gain, and also get manure rich in nitrogen (on average, nitrogen content in in cattle manure up to 2%, with us nitrogen will rise to 4-5%) 1 kg of our products contains 410 g of protein, which is digested by at least 80%. We also prepare export batches of grain, we can prepare a rea...

SoyuzAgroTrade LLC

Enriched granulated sunflower meal Our company is a supplier of a feed additive for cattle - enriched granulated sunflower meal based on TU 10.91.10–004 – 33547908 – 2019. Our customer-consumers are enterprises in different regions of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Uzbekistan. Pellets from sunflower husks We also supply biofuel - granules from sunflower husks, which we supply to our customers in Russia and neighboring countries. Organic fertilizer based on bird droppings "BioMakosh" The v...

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