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CJSC Telecom Technology

CJSC Telecom Technology is the largest telecommunication operator in Tajikistan and has been operating in the telecommunication services market since 1994. Holding a strong position, Telecom Technology provides a full package of high-quality telecommunication services at world standards using the most advanced technologies, and its unique large-scale networks, which cover almost all regions of the country, are the guarantor of any business problems. The high quality and reliability of the services provided by Telecom Technology attracts the attention of a wide variety of customers.

CJSC "ТТ Mobile"

September 3, 2001, is the starting point for the activities of TT Mobile CJSC (hereinafter, also the "Company"). A month after registration, on October 5, the Company began to provide GSM standard mobile services in the 900/1800 MHz band. TT Mobile CJSC is a joint Russian-Tajik venture created with the active assistance of the Government and the Ministry of Communications of the Republic of Tajikistan.

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