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ЧП Бюро переводов АвентА

Translation agency "AventA" provides a full range of services for interpretation and translation of various materials:

• translation of business and legal documents;

• translation of technical materials;

• translation of marketing and advertising texts;

• website localization;

• preparation of printed materials: translation, layout, printing.

Our team employs only professionals in the field of translation, each of whom is also a specialist in his field, i.e. Your marketing materials will be translated by a marketing specialist and your technical documentation by a professional engineer. We understand that the slightest inaccuracy in translation can significantly affect, for example, the progress of construction of an object or the decision on an important project.

To ensure the impeccable quality of the translated materials, we have implemented a quality control system consisting of several stages:

• Selection of the composition of the project team. Before starting work, a project team is selected that corresponds to the tasks of the project. Based on the specifics of the project, a translator (or several translators), an editor, a layout designer and a marketing adaptation specialist (if required) are determined.

• Editing. Each translation is checked by an experienced editor for completeness and accuracy of the translation, compliance with lexical, grammatical and stylistic norms.

• Proofreading. The final stage of checking the material, confirming the absence of punctuation errors, typos, inconsistencies between the layout of the translation document and the original document. Control by the project manager. Throughout the entire period of work, the manager responsible for the project maintains control over the progress of work, compliance with customer requirements and time frames.

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