8 Business ideas without big investments in Tajikistan

  • 6/18/2020

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Do you have any profession, but cannot find work in official institutions? Do you want to open your own business, but do not have much money? We have prepared for you 8 business lines that will help you improve your life.


Office lunch delivery

The idea of preparing and delivering lunch to offices is to prepare delicious lunches at home and deliver them directly to the workplace to customers. Such service for customers is an alternative to fast food and containers from home. To start a business by delivering ready meals, you need a minimum starting capital - you can start with 2 thousand somoni, which will not be difficult to recoup. In addition, the income from delivering a business lunch is that it has a large volume - you can work not only on individual orders but also with a large number of organizations.

Selling popcorn, soda

If you are looking for a business with minimal investment and a good margin, then pay attention to the sale of popcorn. Only two tablespoons of “raw materials” will be able to give you the volume of the ready product in a liter jar. The margin on popcorn averages around 500-600%. At the same time, investments are minimal - you can start selling from a small tray with a popcorn machine worth 1,5 - 2 thousand somoni. It is also good to go in for drinks on warm days. And here you do not need to spend a lot of money - one machine and a little raw material to start.

Brooms for a bath

The business of selling bath brooms is one of the simplest. In Dushanbe and other cities of the country, the number of saunas and baths is growing. And so you can easily sell your products. Raw materials can be collected on their own in the summer when the trees turn green and you can collect the "crop". The main thing is to choose tree varieties that are useful for the bath. But you can sell brooms at any time of the year. In addition to brooms, you can sell herbs or herbal tea. This will help increase profits. To sell the goods, you can contact not only the city baths and saunas but also in health centers, recreation centers, sanatoriums. You can sell goods on the market. The profitability of the business is about 100-150%.

 Purchase and delivery of products

To implement this idea, you need a personal car. Its essence is simple: you buy certain products and deliver them to the customer’s home. Such services will be in demand among people living in abundance, young mothers who do not have the opportunity to go to the store, among older people. And many still work until late — and they don’t want to spend time traveling to the bazaar, or someone doesn’t like to go shopping. You can buy products and make a small margin on them or set a single shipping fee. The delivery rate can be set based on the remoteness of the store and the number of products.

Kindergarten at home

If you have experience raising children, then consider the idea of opening private kindergartens at home. This business, taking into account the overload of kindergartens and lack of places, can give you good promotion and profit. Private kindergartens are most in-demand in new multi-story areas, where local authorities often do not have time to satisfy the population’s need for kindergartens. In such places, parents are looking for the opportunity to leave the child under the supervision of at least someone.

Mini bakery

A bakery is one of the most popular areas for those who can bake all sorts of delicious confectionery products - rolls, donuts, sambusa. You sell a product of daily demand, investments in the opening are small, and in case of a change in the tastes of consumers, you can instantly adapt to new trends and needs. You can start to do it. You can open your mini-bakery at home with a couple of good ovens and craftsmanship. When the number of your customers' increases, you can rent a small room.

Commission shop

Great business without a lot of investment. To begin with, you can organize a trip to the commuter areas, purchasing for a small number of clothes, shoes, used household appliances for a small price. Then, having rented a place for sale, sell the goods at a premium. That's the whole business. In our conditions, you will always have a buyer.

Tutoring services, masters

If you are fluent in any profession, language, or academic subjects, you can make good money in your free time by teaching those who desire your skill or knowledge. Teachers in foreign languages and individual subjects are especially in demand among graduates. Also, masters in such professions as a dressmaker, cook, repair technician, and so on are in demand in the labor market. The simplest thing you can do is to post an ad on the Internet and wait for the customers to call without making any effort to find customers yourself.

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