Tajik Business Against the Pandemic

  • 5/27/2020
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While many enterprises in the country are experiencing difficulties due to the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic in the world and restrictive measures in Tajikistan, dozens of companies and firms of the republic have switched their production to a new direction - the manufacture of medical masks, protective clothing, antiseptic agents and other protective items.

On the one hand, it helps the country cope with a shortage of protective equipment, and on the other hand, allows enterprises to stay afloat in a difficult period.

 Masks "Made in Tajikistan"

Following the recommendations of the Ministry of Health of the Republic, residents of Tajikistan began to wear medical masks everywhere and use antiseptic agents. A great demand for them, as well as a ban on importing protective medicines by importing countries, led to a shortage of masks and antiseptics in pharmacies and an increase in their cost.

After coronavirus patients were recorded in the country, there was a need for mass acquisition of protective special forms, which, as it turned out, were also lacking. During this difficult period, many enterprises of the republic decided to assist the country in eliminating the deficit, while being able to keep its production from closing.

Today, a local medical mask can be bought at any pharmacy in the country. More than a dozen large and small sewing factories in Tajikistan have completely switched to tailoring masks. Import bought up in early March. Because today there is a high demand for domestic masks. Currently, a number of Tajik enterprises supply a total of about 100 thousand medical masks every day to the country's pharmacies.

One of the largest manufacturers of masks is the "Pharm Tex" enterprise in the Khatlon region. Back in early April, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Tajikistan, Qohir Rasulzoda, visited the enterprise and outlined the development vectors in this direction. During his visit, Rasulzoda instructed the management of the IP to expand the production of masks, as well as improve the quality of the manufactured product. He emphasized that this is simply necessary as part of the prevention of coronavirus infection. The prime minister was informed that today Farm Tex produces more than 25,000 masks daily. According to the Executive Director of IP Muboraksho Kataev, the company has everything necessary to increase the number of products and expand production capabilities to 40 thousand masks per day.

The company "Pharm Tex" in Khatlon

Along with Pharm Tex, an important role in this direction is played by the Pharm Sugd enterprise. The masks are also manufactured by Tajtex, a manufacturer of garments. The factory employs 200 people. Currently, the company daily produces 10 thousand medical masks that meet the international quality standard.

Nassojii Tojik LLC (Tajik Textile) and Nassoji Khujand LLC make hospital clothes, sheets, and blankets from cotton fabric, Gulistan Dushanbe OJSC started sewing special medical clothes, and Sifat Sanoat LLC produces medical gowns.

Once, one of the locomotives of the textile industry of the republic, Tajik Textile, and Guliston Dushanbe, had a hard time after the collapse of the Union. Today TajikTextile produces more than 40 thousand masks per month, as well as several thousand protective special forms.

Guliston Dushanbe returned 170 employees to work. The company today has produced more than 60 thousand masks and more than 22 thousand overalls.

To ensure the sanitary and epidemiological safety of the Tajiks, the production of medical gauze and personal hygiene products was put on stream at Pharm Tex LLC.

Sewing factory Yokut-2000 is engaged in the production of uniforms and military uniforms; the first thing it did was produce medical masks for more than 300 of its employees. “Recently, we received an order from the Ministry of Defense for tailoring 40 thousand masks. We manufacture products from cotton fabric and no complaints have yet been received about the quality of our products, ”they say at the factory.

From the production of food to antiseptics

In connection with the coronavirus pandemic in the world, a number of food industry enterprises in Tajikistan switched to the production of antiseptics.

“In order to prevent infectious diseases food enterprises of the country, in particular, MMK LLC in Khujand, Sakho & K LLC in Guliston, and MMD and Sino 2013 LLC in Rudaki region and others launched production of hygienic and antiseptics, ” said the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of the country. A large number of antiseptics are produced by the Siyoma company.

The Ministry of Industry emphasizes that the department, together with the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of the Republic, continues to take measures to ensure sanitary and epidemiological safety in the Republic of Tajikistan.

In the period of the fight against coronavirus, the companies producing medicines also increased their production. Currently, more than 30 companies are operating in the country with the production of over 250 types of medicines, in particular: Pharm Sughd, Tib Baroi Shumo, Oriyo-Surang-Medical, Shahrom-2010, Pharmiko , "Yasmina-med", "MMD", "Avicenna", the factory "Vezha Pharmaceuticals", and others, each of which produce from 8 to 80 types of medicines. Also in the republic, there are about 2,500 pharmacies, for which now is the height of activity. “There are a lot of customers, often we have to work until late. Sales revenue increased markedly. Of course, it’s nice, but it’s better that we defeat the coronavirus as soon as possible, ”says a pharmacy seller in the Dushanbe Circus area.

Masks - as an art

In the period of the spread of coronavirus, the first designers appeared in the country who created their own creative masks to protect against COVID-19. In one of the shopping centers in Dushanbe, along with national handmade products, you can also find a modern anti-virus trend - a bright protective mask made of adras.

The author of it, master Mikhail Penkov, sewed several variants of unusual masks at once, which not only protect against viral infections but also look good in combination with national clothes.

Penkov told the Tajik media that the idea to sew a batch of masks made of adras in his own work place came to him out of sudden during the day. According to the master, the cost of new items is only 20 somoni per piece. This option is not only a good panacea for the penetration of the insidious COVID-19, but also aesthetically looks much more attractive.

The mask is made of breathable cotton. The fabric is folded in two layers with a gauze “layer” that prevents the penetration of bacteria. And the cheerful coloring is also an undoubted plus in the fight against panic.

Penkov himself admits that he could not even think that someday he would undertake the production of such medical accessories.

Masks with national ornaments and patterns in Khurshed Sattorov's fashion house are offered to every client for free. Here they are sewn in their spare time from the remnants of fabrics. He gives out unnecessary masks on the street to passers-by.

Sattorov works exclusively with fabrics traditional for Tajikistan, decorated with national embroidery and local patterns, and also sews masks from them. Each mask is unique due to the variety of Tajik patterns, and, according to him, there are no two identical copies.

“In general, positive, beautiful masks, so that people can be handed out and so that people have a good mood. Everything needs to be reacted positively. I think that beauty will save the world, ”said the fashion designer.

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