Sughd Increases Export of Goods Due to the Production of Fruits and Cotton

  • 4/26/2021

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Over the first three month of 2021, the foreign trade turnover of Sughd has amounted to $479.2 million, which is $28.3 million more than during the same period last year.

During reporting period, Sughd had foreign trade relations with 41 countries, including eight Commonwealth states.

In this period, foreign trade turnover with the CIS increased 71.2%, or $341.4 million, and with non-CIS countries — 28.8%, or $137.8 million.

Exports of goods from January through March 2021 has amounted to $134.7 million, which is 24.9% more than in the corresponding period last year. This is mainly due to an increase in export of dried fruits.

The main partners in the export of products manufactured by industrial enterprises of Sughd are Kazakhstan — 54.8%, Belgium — 12.8%, China — 7.4%, Uzbekistan — 6.7%, Turkey — 6.4%, Russia — 3.2%, Georgia — 2.0%, Italy — 1.9%, Kyrgyzstan — 1.1%, Croatia — 1.0%.

Also, in three month of 2021, industrial enterprises, including private entrepreneurs, produced over 4.3 billion somoni worth of products, and the growth in industrial production in relation to the corresponding period of 2020 was 127.8%.

Of the 197 most important types of industrial products, the output of 119 items has also increased.

Out of 657 reporting industrial enterprises, 317 enterprises exceeded the level of last year’s production.


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