16 business ideas how to make money with b2b services

  • 5/11/2020
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Today b2b services are actively used in business practice. Any services for the business will be profitable if they really need it. We understand what is in demand in the market.

The abbreviation b2b is a business activity in which both sides are represented by the business. One of them is the supplier of goods or services, and the second is the buyer. The peculiarity of the relationship of b2b market participants is to solve their common problem: earn money at a lower cost. The business idea is to help the company, namely to solve its problems. In b2b, a consumer is a corporate person whose problems are more global and require a special approach.

The b2b market is a relatively new direction that has been developing dynamically in recent years. First, the crisis has forced many companies to abandon some full-time employees. Companies have concluded that it is much more profitable to outsource certain functions. Secondly, in the wake of the growth of entrepreneurial activity, business services have become more in demand and popular. Thirdly, companies realized that it’s more profitable to delegate certain functions to third-party specialists. Thanks to this, the business-to-business market is growing: financially and structurally. Every year new products and services appear. So for an entrepreneur who wants to enter the business services market, great opportunities open up.

To implement b2b business ideas, you need to clearly understand its features.

Distinctive features of b2b:

  • a small number of buyers;
  • the high cost of one purchase, which ensures a good profit;
  • most often, consumers understand the product (service) that they buy;
  • the consumer has rational motives to make a purchase;
  • the use of direct sales techniques;
  • the final price of goods for each specific customer is determined in the negotiation process;
  • building a long, trusting relationship between the supplier and the customer.

Why is it worth considering b2b business ideas?

1. The crisis is the time for b2b. During the crisis, the business begins to save, more carefully look for effective technologies and reliable contractors. Therefore, you should think about the problem of business - and offer them the service that will be the solution.

2. Low initial investment. Many b2b models can be implemented with little or no capital.

3. Zero marketing and advertising costs. The specifics of the b2b segment is that standard services cannot promote your services. 

Here it is necessary to specifically address the proposal to specific people - those who make decisions. Therefore, in the b2b segment, the sales mechanism is different and more dependent on the professionalism of the entrepreneur than on the advertising budget.

4. "Word of mouth" at maximum volume. The most effective marketing in this area is the recommendation of your customers. In a business environment, specialists communicate with each other and often ask colleagues for recommendations. And if you perform your work efficiently, you have a chance to receive new orders on the recommendation of old customers.

5. There is time to "think". The negotiation process and the coordination of decisions stretch over time. This gives the entrepreneur a chance to readjust, develop an individual approach to the client, and listen to the wishes of the potential customer.

6. Focus on quality. The peculiarity of the activity in the b2b segment is that the company serves not so many customers. It is enough for some to have 2-3 regular customers to earn money successfully. Fewer customers - more opportunity to pay attention to the quality of services.

Business Idea 1. Employment Agency

Investment: from 10 thousand rubles

Each company is interested in finding good specialists. With the development of the labor market, the demand for recruitment services is growing. Today, almost all companies that are looking for employees turn to recruitment agencies. The task of personnel officers is to select a candidate according to the stated requirements.

For the agency to work, you need to have a large customer base and connections. You must quickly solve problems, otherwise, there is a risk that the client will go to a competitor. But the most difficult thing in practice is not this. The main problem with recruitment agencies is to find clients.

The advantage of this business is the ability to start it with minimal investment and alone. At first, you only need a phone with Internet access.

Business Idea 2. Consulting Company

Investment: 300 thousand rubles

Consulting services are quite specific. Your task is to help the client achieve the desired result in the process of their business activities. Help consists of professional advice and practical assistance in the work of the client. This direction has been actively developed in recent years. And the reason is that everyone began to switch to outsourcing.

A consulting company can provide services in various directions. The most demanded are management, credit, legal consulting, as well as accounting, IT, and small business consulting. At the start, you can open a company with a narrow focus, and with the development of business expand to the scale of a diversified company. To open a full-fledged consulting firm, investments of 300 thousand rubles will be required.

Business idea 3. Courier service

Investment: 30 thousand rubles

If you have your own transport, then you can do courier delivery. The idea is attractive in that it requires a minimum of investment and guarantees good earnings. Many companies need courier services. Active online trading, corporate mail, and workflow - all this makes the delivery service an indispensable assistant in business. By the way, delivery services are one of the most popular destinations that are outsourced. There are always many customers - the main thing is to get these orders.

For a successful start, it is enough to find 2-3 serious customers for constant cooperation. Where to look for customers? On a site with vacancies or on special services (Dostavista and YouDo) that connect the courier and the customer. As practice shows, courier services pay off in a few months. That is why opening a courier service is a profitable and most important promising solution for an entrepreneur.

Business Idea 4. Coworking Center

Investments: 1 million rubles

With the development of freelance and remote work, specialists have a problem with the workspace. They came up with a solution - to open a coworking center. At its core, this is a large office where you can temporarily “settle down” and work.

This format is still unusual but has already appeared in some cities of the country. This is true for large cities, where most of the specialists live "on the remote."

Earnings of the coworking center consist of paying for the time that the visitor stays here. But you can get extra profit if you rent out free space for training courses, workshops and so on.

So the idea is promising but has one drawback - the cost. To open a decent coworking center - it will take about 1 million rubles.

Business idea 5. Cleaning company

Investments: from 750 thousand rubles

Many companies have long used cleaning services, abandoning the practice of maintaining full-time cleaners. Now, cleaning services are responsible for the cleanliness of commercial facilities for various purposes.

Experienced entrepreneurs advise starting a business by looking for a potential customer. And only then, for a specific object, purchase equipment, and recruit staff. Almost all companies receive first orders through personal contacts - advertisements, in this case, are ineffective. Another way is to choose a narrow niche, as large customers can already be divided among the leaders of the cleaning market for a long time.

Business idea 6. Private security organization

Investment: 100 thousand rubles

Each company needs to protect its business and property. Therefore, the demand for security services is constantly growing. Today, the activities of private security companies are highly paid and can bring a decent profit. On average, the profitability of a security agency is 20-30%. But if employees are highly qualified to accompany valuable goods and protect complex objects, then profitability can reach 100%!

Please note that for the implementation of security activities you will need to obtain a license. Making it is not difficult, but this process will take some time.

Business Idea 7. Game Services

Investment: 80 thousand rubles.

An interesting business idea for b2b services for those who prefer to work alone is to hold board and floor games for corporate clients. People organizing such events are now called gaming practice. With a regular clientele and a good program, they can earn up to 300 thousand rubles a month.

Although companies are the most profitable niche in gaming practice, you can focus on ordinary residents, as gamification is a trend today. As a rule, having your own office is not required by game practitioners. Services are provided either on-site — at customer offices, in a cafe, coworking, and other public spaces, or even in an online format.

Business idea 8. Installation of security systems

Investment: 300 thousand rubles

In continuation of the topic of property protection, there is an idea to organize a business for the installation of security systems. Any commercial facility - from office to warehouse - is equipped with security systems. You can provide installation services of security systems, as well as their further maintenance. The most popular technical means of protection are surveillance cameras, fire, and burglar alarms. Obtaining a license for this activity is not required.

Business Idea 9. PR Agency

Investment: 400 thousand rubles

In the modern world, PR agency services are very much in demand in the market. And given how the advertising market is changing, PR specialists are becoming irreplaceable specialists. Their work includes counseling, selection, and development of a suitable advertising strategy, risk assessment, etc.

The business idea of a PR agency is simple: to bring together advertising specialists, find several large customers, and work with them purposefully. PR services are not cheap, so at least 3 serious projects can provide the agency with high profits.

Business Idea 10. SMM Studio

Investment: from 0 thousand rubles

SMM is a young phenomenon in business that involves promotion on social networks. It has gained its popularity since the business appeared on social networks. Internet promotion is not just a trend, but a necessity. To effectively advance on the Internet sites, companies turn to SMM studios.

The service is very relevant, and a competent marketer can create a profitable business on this. You can start with a zero budget - and do your own search for customers. And then, in the future, open a full-fledged SMM studio, where various specialists will work.

Business idea 11. Aromatization of buildings

Investment: from 30 thousand rubles

The advertising industry continues to grow. Companies need new ways to get customer attention. These include aromatic marketing. Experts have proven that thoughtful aroma design creates a certain atmosphere in which the client begins to feel relaxed and comfortable and often makes impulsive purchases. In addition, aroma design can increase brand confidence.

Even a novice entrepreneur will be able to open a business in this area. It takes minimal investment to buy a simple set of equipment. It remains to find customers. They can be commercial objects related to sales: shops, shopping centers, offices, hotels and hotels, beauty salons and spa salons, banks, restaurants and grocery stores, fitness and entertainment centers ... The list is quite impressive. And if you take into account the growing popularity of aroma marketing, you can count on expanding the circle of potential consumers and increasing profits.

Business Idea 12. Phytodesign

Investments: from 230 thousand rubles

Phytodesign is called the business of the future. This is the right option for those who are fond of plants and design. In business, knowledge about which plants take root better, how to pick them up, and how to care for them is useful. After all, phytodesign involves the creation of structures made of metal or plastic profiles, in which narrow boxes with living indoor plants are mounted. The result is a green wall, which performs not only a decorative function but also cleans the air in the room.

The main corporate customers of such phyto walls are shopping centers, large companies that want to decorate their office, shops, and catering establishments, etc.

Activities in the field of phytodesign are good because, in addition to installation services, it involves additional services. The phytowall needs to be constantly looked after monitor watering, change plants, if necessary. So, having concluded several contracts, you can provide yourself with work.

Business idea 13. Production of seals and stamps

Investments: 150 thousand rubles

New firms are opened every day - and each needs its own seal and various stamps. Therefore, the actual service for the business is their manufacture. You can organize such a business at home and at a minimal cost.

Business Idea 14. Copywriting Agency

Investment: from 0 rubles

Any business may need a competent text: to create a catalog with a description of the goods, publish the history of the company on the site, use in promotion, etc. All these tasks are best left to copywriters. The services cover a wide range of activities: SEO-copywriting, landing pages, articles in online magazines, maintaining groups in social networks ... You can start working independently and expand your business over time.

Business Idea 15. Printing House

Investment: from 500 thousand rubles

It’s hard to imagine modern business without ads. Not one promotion is complete without printed matter. Companies use packaging, stationery, souvenirs with their own logo as well as various paper options: business cards, booklets, posters, banners, etc. All these businesses provide printing. The demand for printed matter is getting higher and higher - and the need for printing houses is constantly growing.

The printing business is in demand and profitable, but the main problem is high competition in the market. In order not to burn out, you will have to actively seek customers and offer more favorable conditions for cooperation.

Business idea 16. Website development

Investment: from 0 rubles

If you are good at programming and web design, you can make money by creating websites and blogs for business. To implement this idea, you only need a computer and your skills. Opening such a case is not difficult - but it is much more difficult to succeed in it. The market is oversaturated with such offers, so you have to compete for your client. Place ads, reduce the price, offer favorable conditions, and additional service. You can start with the simplest orders. Often people who need simple business card sites tend to save.

Start small, get practice, gain your customer base, build a portfolio, and gradually grow your business. After a few months of practice, you can look for a serious order to create and maintain a site. By acquiring connections, you can build a serious business - a company for the creation and integrated promotion of sites.

What problems and pitfalls does the b2b market have:

"Kickbacks." Unfortunately, the illegal way to attract buyers is very common in the domestic b2b market. Because of this, many companies operating in this segment have problems finding clients: neither high-quality services nor attractive prices can fight this scheme. Attempts to honestly get an order often end in one of the following scenarios: either the business fails, or the firms begin to practice the same pattern.

Cheats. Often on the b2b market documents are forged (certificates, licenses, etc.). Such fraud can be combined with other fraud schemes. Consumers in the b2b market, as a rule, are aware of the fraud, but they put up with the current state of affairs, because ... (we return to the point above).

Lack of industry media. The b2b western market is informationally supported by various industry media (periodicals, Internet portals, etc.). All these are platforms for advertising, which is immediately broadcast to the target audience. Some b2b markets do not have this support. Therefore, entrepreneurs have to independently search for opportunities to find their customers. Rather, industry magazines are published in Russia, but professionals are unlikely to take them seriously. Because the content is not credible, which means that advertising in such magazines will be ineffective.

How to find b2b customers:

Word of mouth. This is perhaps the most effective way to find corporate clients. But for it to work, you need to deliver quality service so that you can be recommended.

Brand ambassadors - this method has appeared recently but has already managed to show its effectiveness. Brand ambassadors are people who sincerely love your company and are ready to tell others about it. Live reviews from real people work much stronger than template advertising texts. You can find ambassadors from among your customers or partners.

On forums and social networks. Various publics for businessmen, specialized forums are the places where your target audience “dwells”. Advertise on these online resources, write personal messages to your potential customers.

At the events. Attend events attended by your potential customers. These are conferences, seminars, business meetings ... In such an environment, it is much easier to get in touch.

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